25 May

Understanding CMMS Facility Management Software for Business Owners

Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) is a powerful tool that helps business owners to manage assets, control their facilities, monitor work orders, and perform general maintenance.

There are a number of different CMMS vendors to choose from, offering systems for companies of various sizes, and with different feature sets, at different price points (including Winnipeg’s own, Hippo CMMS). One thing remains consistent with them all, however – they all help us to avoid issues with the maintenance and management workload.

Using a CMMS can help to improve your business continuity. With sophisticated scheduling and work order management, data collection, asset management and other utilities, CMMS tools are a boon for anyone that manages a property or facility.

We now live in a world where we are always focused on being more productive. Technology allows us to get more done in a short period of time, but instead of using the technology to give us more free time, we are expected to just do even more in the day. Facilities are getting bigger, jobs are getting more complex, companies are growing and it is almost impossible for a single person to manage a large and complex facility. That’s why technology is so important – instead of finding out that something has broken down because of complaints from users, regular maintenance, to a schedule, with monitoring and a number of automated functions can help to mitigate the problem.

CMMS can help to cut down on the paper trail that you have to deal with, and will make facility management that little bit easier. You’ll save time and stress, and communication between managers and employees is made easier as well.

Significant Cost Savings

Investing in CMMS tools may seem like an unnecessary expense – but in the long run, it will save you money. Every asset that is managed under the system should see better, more frequent and more efficient maintenance – prolonging its useful life. So, one software tool will make many assets last longer, saving the expense of replacing them while also saving you money by reducing downtime and customer complaints, and keeping your business ticking over day after day.

CMMS tools make the facility management process paperless. Things like NetFacilities make it possible to generate and send work orders online without the need to meet up with employees face to face, and without a massive paper trail.  They make it easy for you to monitor work schedules, and keep track of expenses too.

The cloud is something that most B2B organizations rely heavily on these days, so it makes sense to use web-based CMMS solutions in your business too – what better way to protect your business continuity than to ensure that your business’ most crucial software and data is hosted off-site, so that you can access it even if you lose access to one of your main venues.

CMMS is a technical solution to an age-old problem, and it makes sense to embrace it.  There will be some learning curve as you figure out what to add to the system and how to manage your employees, but it will be worth it in the end. Once everyone in your organization is on board with CMMS, you should find that the tools really do improve your maintenance workflow. This is particularly evident in medium-sized organizations that did not yet have clear processes in place. Facility management is something that gets harder and harder as your organization grows, and the ad-hoc systems that you had in place when you were a small organization will not scale well to bigger facilities.

23 May

5 Business Tips For Entrepreneurs

Image result for entrepreneurshipIf you’re looking for business tips for entrepreneurs, then you’ve come to the right place. There are many tips out there, but the ones we are going to discuss are some of the best ones. With that said, check out the following tips and implement them today.

1. Create A Plan, But Be Flexible– Create a plan, but make sure it’s a flexible one because not everything will always go your plan’s way. If you are open to being flexible with your plan, then you will be better prepared in the event something doesn’t go according to your plan. Once in awhile, you might have to make major changes, but the more prepared you are and the more willing you are to accept change, the better off you will be. Just be realistic when you create your plan and make sure you stay committed to following it.

2. Build An Email List– As an entrepreneur, your goal is to get the word out about your service, product and brand and one of the best ways to do this is by building up an email list and sending your subscribers emails. In order to build an email list, you will want to ask people to provide them with their email in exchange for something, such as a free eBook or a newsletter. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run, you can benefit from having an email list, even if the list only contains a small number of emails.

3. Use Video Marketing– Entrepreneurs need to generate new business, engage their current customers and get information out there fast and efficiently, and this is why you should be doing video marketing. Marketing your products, services or information via videos is one of the best ways to get new customers, engage current ones and to spread the word about your business as quickly and efficiently as possible. What you want to do is create 2-3 videos per week and distributed them on various platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites.

4. Use SEO– Create a website and create it, as well as content for the site, with search engine optimization in mind. Create quality content that is enriched with keywords, meta tags and things of that nature. SEO can take businesses to the next level, which is what you want if you’re an entrepreneur. If you are not familiar with SEO methods and techniques, then don’t worry because there are plenty of companies that do local Winnipeg SEO that can help you out, but make sure you use one that is reputable, has plenty of SEO experience and one that will work with you to accomplish your goals.

5. Take Time Off– It is easy to stay so focus on your business that you forget to take time off or you may simply not want to take time off. If you want to be successful in business, then take time off at least once per week. You can choose to take Sundays off from work or Saturdays, but the choice is completely up to you. If you take at least one day off per week, then you should feel well-rested on the next day and you may find that you are more motivated to work and get things done.

Those five tips are only a few business tips entrepreneurs can keep in mind, but they are some of the best ones. Entrepreneurs can do many things if they want to be successful, so feel free to use the above tips and other tips you may be interested in trying. The sooner you implement the above tips, the sooner you can enjoy success.

23 May

How eCommerce Has Changed The World

The rise of the Internet has changed the world forever. Information is now available at the click of a button via desktop devices or any of the mobile options that are part and parcel of the 21st-century information experience.

Nowhere has this difference been more widely felt than in the commercial arena. Today competitiveness is not only a function of the quality of the service or product that is being offered – but also of the availability of that product via an Internet portal. And the ability of consumers to pay for that service in a way that is secure has been the backbone of the popularity of eCommerce.

The ability of a business to sell online has been called the B2C model – business to consumer, however there has also been a complimentary rise in B2B transactions, the business to business model.

So what has this meant for new or startup businesses? For one thing the barriers to entry have been significantly lowered. it is now cheaper than ever before for a business to offer products or services to the consumer – and get paid for those products or services in real time through credit or debit card transactions. the rise in the popularity of portals and payment services such as PayPal has also made it easier than ever for business and consumer to forge a mutually beneficial relationship.

Aside from facilitating this relationship why has eCommerce become such a part of our lives?

For one thing the lack of policing as far as tax for Internet transaction has made eCommerce increasingly attractive for business owners. Combine this with the doing away with bricks and mortar retail establishments and the subsequent lowering of operational costs and it’s easy to see why the ‘clicks and mortar’ model is now the chosen model for many first time retailers.

The spending power of consumers from emerging markets is also a factor in the rising popularity of eCommerce. As delivery options to and from emerging markets mature the number of businesses who want to target the newly affluent increases. What we are seeing as we head towards the end of the second decade of the 21st century is the emergence of a truly global economy by and large free of restrictions.

In short, the beneficiaries of eCommerce continue to grow. Shipment companies are realizing that largely untapped markets now offer a bigger slice of the shipping pie than has ever been the case. These companies which might have been reluctant to engage with consumers in countries where banking systems were suspect can now use Financial transactional services such as Paypal and its competitors to ensure that they receive payment.

Travel services, online hotel bookings, car hire and leisure activities continue to go from strength to strength. When only a few years ago the demise of the travel agent was foretold to be the death of bespoke travel itineraries today hundreds of eTravel sites offer specialist services that are reliant on eCommerce for their survival. The rise of the budget airline probably owes more to eCommerce than any other factor for its survival.

It’s not only downstream businesses that have benefited from the rise of eCommerce. Vendors of various types of eCommerce solutions have also thrived in the highly competitive eCommerce environment. As the Internet continues to be powered by the increasing penetration of mobile devices in the developing world there seems to be no limit to just how much of an impact that eCommerce will make on our daily lives. all that is certain is that it will continue to provide more opportunities to spend and enjoy the fruits of 21st century commerce.

23 May

How Business and Marketing are Changing Continuously?

Market Business Global Business Marketing Commerce ConceptEver-Changing Technology:

This era is the digital era and also an informational era. The industrialized world of past was featured by mass production and expenditures, the supplies filled with inventories, advertising, and liberal reduction.

The changed information era guarantees to most important to more précised levels of production, more beleaguered communications and more applicable pricing. The business has named electronic where much of the business is approved on electronic networks intranet, extra nets, and the internet.

Technology is fast changing and is responsible for dropping business costs, civilizing the quality, and rising and growing the amount where raw goods are each arrive at consumers of even lowest profits.


BusinessThe local and national markets are twisted into global markets somewhere the companies are capable market their goods and services in other countries of the world at best prices of best worth and value in necessary quantities. This has been potential because of radical changes in the means of transportation, shipping, and communication. This was finished by giving the lavishness and comfort of the past as the comforts and supplies in the present day situation.


To take benefits of the global and worldwide market, many countries have deregulated the industries and trade with a new viewpoint to create more and more growth chances and the higher degree of ready for action and aggressive strengths.

More and more international companies are occupied in the industrial and commercial movement of both goods and services that were detained. This has led to further aperture and widen that carries in the more international capital and latest expertise one hand and produce gainful employment chances which in turn sustains the increasing stipulates and provide conditions.


Small-Business-MarketingThe corporation and business are creating independently differentiated products whether they are prearranged in person, on the phone or online. By departure on a line, the corporation is enabling the customers to plan their own stipulation of a given manufactured goods to meet their personality requirements.

As a result, the business has the capability to work together and cooperate with each customer for me so that there is an opportunity of personalizing messages, services, and the relationship, in addition to individualized manufactured goods designs.

By using special software and the latest developed equipment, a marketing house can more and more increase their sales. As orders will be cut- to-order, the business requires not spend too much in unnecessary inventories.

Strong Competition:

Today brand producer is faced up by sharp and sensitive and tougher struggled competition both of the domestic and foreign products that have the outcome in rising endorsement costs and decrease and reduced profit margins. Further, they are hit by influential retailers who controlled incomplete shelf-space and were placing out their store brands in struggled with national brands.


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15 May

6 Methods To Improve Business Efficiency

Leading Approaches To Enhance Company Performance

In order to transform a company into a profitable organization,it first has to run in an effective and efficient way. There are a couple of useful actions that can be utilized that have actually been proven to make businesses more profitable.

Sell More, Work Less.

With all of the available technological improvements of the past 10 years, it is becoming easier and easier to maximize results and decrease labor – getting the same results, but utilizing far less effort. At the top of this list of software and technological sales assistants has to be Sales Force CRM. This tool allows for more control over communications that occur with customers, making the business more efficient.

Use Internet Banking and Online Checkout Capabilities

It is highly advisable that every business is equipped with some sort of Internet banking. This makes it far easier to handle your company’s finances using a computer compared to having to visit a bank each time in order to perform business transactions. The other way to keep track of finances is to ensure that clients are adhering to on-time payments. For those customers that are making late payments, it is advisable to charge interest on payments not yet received. This will encourage timely payments as well as allow the business to earn more money on late payments.

Automate And Outsource

It is advisable to invest in some type of automated software that is able to accomplish various business processes that were once labor intensive and resource draining. The elimination employees having to complete these tasks manually means that they can rather focus on a task that a computer is unable to perform such as creating innovative ideas or bringing in more clients. When used correctly, automated software and outsourced labor have the ability to propel a business forward and at the same time save on labor costs.

Creating Online Presence

For those businesses that have not updated to the latest advances in social media, by creating social media accounts on the various different platforms, they are losing out on potential business and branding opportunities. Regardless of whether the account is with Google+, Facebook or Twitter, it is of great importance to expanding online presence in order to reach more potential customers.

An increase in a number of people that the business can network with or reach, an increase occurs in the chances related to selling services or products. Another important aspect for businesses is the correct usage of SEO so that potential customers are able to find the business. Use tools such as Hootsuite, IFTT, or Buffer to automate this process and make it more efficient.

Eliminating Bothersome Clients

This may seem controversial for many businesses, but certain customers are regarded are not worth the effort and the time spent constantly having to deal with minor issues or having to chase the customer for payments. That time is better spent growing your business – not putting out their fires.  Even though becoming selective about the choice of customers may seem like cutting off potential revenue, in the long run, these customers can take up a lot of valuable business time. By choosing more lucrative and reliable customers, much money and time can be used on other aspects of the business.

That being said, if your business is just starting out, sometimes you need to eat sh*t in order to grow and learn from your mistakes (and most importantly, pay the bills). Choose your clients wisely. Sometimes you can tell that their money is just not worth the headache.

Avoid Too Many Meetings

It is important to hold meetings in order to discuss important aspects that are going on in the company. However, it is not advisable to hold meetings in order to cover matters that are regarded as trivial. To produce more efficiency which means more time spent on what drives in sales, internal meetings should be decreased and the time spent on these meetings should also be decreased. When the business deals with customers or clients from abroad, conference calls over video can save on the travel costs related to these locations.

Running a business in an efficient way will differ from one business to the next, but an important aspect is to focus on spending time on the aspects that increase sales and services in the quickest way possible.